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About Rio Dulce

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Crane in Rio Dulce, GuatemalaOne of the best places in the world to store your yacht when not cruising is the Rio Dulce region of Guatemala. Nestled between mountains and two fantastic sailing lakes - El Golfete and Lago Izabal, Rio Dulce is a special place for many reasons - a BIG one in that it provides boaters a safe haven during hurricane season. During peak season, Rio Dulce is home to over 600 yachts spread throughout 15 marinas in the surrounding areas. In addition to many small hotels, restaurants, and shopping, there are many marine services available here: West Marine Store, three haul-out yards, a machine shop, and other professional services such as: yacht refrigeration and air conditioning, electrical, alternator rebuild, diesel mechanics, carpentry, a renowned sail-maker and much more. Many foreigners live in the area year-round so activities abound - hiking, Yoga, Trivia Nights, volleyball to name a few - where we get together for a few laughs.

The Guatemalan people are very welcoming and friendly. Together, we share a place that offers views of the mountains in every direction; enjoy year-round warm weather and ever changing flora. Many local people travel by dugout canoe but there is also modern motor traffic. It's a peaceful place to go sailing or cruising up one of the many river tributaries. Take a trip and cross Lake Golfete entering the Rio Dulce river on the way to the port town of Livingston, and you will pass through magnificent canyons that spill into the jungle. You can stop at the hot springs, or cold springs or perhaps eat lunch at one of the local restaurants along the way. Once in Livingston, where a large Garifuna population lives, you will enjoy a selection of restaurants overlooking the sea and beautiful beadwork offerings of local artisans.

Perhaps safety is a concern to you when traveling in an unfamiliar country however, our experience has been that boaters/tourists are welcomed here. We chose rather to focus on the extraordinary mix of beautiful nature, interesting culture, the many historical sites and most of all - our relationships with the BIG hearted Guatemalan people.

Let's get back to the Yacht that has put a twinkle in your eye. You want to see it but hesitate because you are not familiar with Guatemala, or perhaps your Spanish is a bit rusty. SeaKist Yacht Sales offers plane to yacht personalized service. Depending on your flight, it might require a night's stay in a hotel in Guatemala City. If you like, we will meet you at the airport, whisk you off to your hotel, perhaps getting a bite to eat and do some shopping if time permits. The following day we'll travel to Rio Dulce in a large, comfortable, air-conditioned bus. Once arrived - it's off to see that Yacht you've been dreaming about!